A Russian squat cycle weightlifting program

Picture of Brian cleaning courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.
I found this complete weightlifting program built around a Russian squat cycle and thought I’d share it in case you didn’t come across it yourself. The program lasts 6 weeks and has 5 weekly training sessions on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and saturdays but I’m sure it’ll also work...
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Arm bend

Slight arm bend in the snatch. Source: Rob Macklem.
Some may remember my piece on the necessity of straight arms in weightlifting and it also spurred a few discussions with fellow weightlifting coaches. I’ve since then, ehm, revised my view on the matter and although some of my arguments still apply, I now actually advocate lifting with...
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Bænkpresprogram til politiskolens fysiske test

Nedenstående program er udarbejdet med henblik på at kunne udføre 10-12 gentagelser i bænkpres med 55kg og 95kg for hhv. kvinder og mænd, hvilket er kravet for at få karakteren 12 i disciplinen ved politiskolens fysiske test. Programmet kom til verden engang, jeg hjalp en god veninde med...
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Do corrective lifts first (if you suck)

Donny Shankle doing clean pulls
The normal sequence of a weightlifting session is usually something in the order of this: Competition lift or close variant Snatch, clean, power versions, from the hang, paused etc. Specific auxillary (corrective) lift Pulls, snatch balance, push press etc. Non-specific auxillary lift Squats, presses, rows, deadlifts etc. If...
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Lift weights faster

...maybe he'd look better nekkid!
Sometimes the most simple pieces of advice are the best, sometimes. Attending a seminar on Chinese weightlifting technique by Kirksman of Lifthard it was briefly mentioned that the Chinese lifters never sit down during a workout but are always on their feet, pacing back and forth or simply just...
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Press-outs should be allowed

I so hate the press-out (including “elbow wobble”) rule and think it should be removed. I’ve lost count of how many great lifts I’ve watched get ruled out on this pointless technicality. Here are some the reasons why I think it’s an unnecessary and unfair rule. Pressing out...
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The Sots press

Viktor Sots
The Sots press is a barbell press done from the front of the shoulders sitting in the bottom of a squat. The most common way to get in to this position is to clean the weight first but you can also just do the eccentric part of a...
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Monitor your CNS with the finger tapping test

Simple tests to determine something complicated
Ups and downs in the training room are common and who hasn’t tried either feeling great and having a miserable session or the exact opposite? There is of course a connection between physical and mental well-being but apparently it can’t always be trusted. Having a way of knowing...
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